Rideshare Ambulance!

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Here is the backstory regarding this tweet: https://twitter.com/twimprine/status/1220901849064202240

I’m doing my rideshare thing and trying to earn a few dollars in the French Quarter. I get a ping on my phone and I accept the ride, no big deal. I pull up to the entrance of the hotel and there is a guy standing there with what appears to be his wife’s purse.

I stop and he leans into the window to say something, I expect a request to wait for his wife instead it get,

“Don’t freak out!”

“Excuse me?!”

“Don’t freak out! I will pay for any ticket you get but we need to get to the Tulane Emergency now! My wife is having a medical emergency and we need to go!”

“Ok, let’s go!”, as the wife appears with a friend offering support. She doesn’t look bad but you can tell she’s defiantly not pumping on all four pistons. With that they all get into the car, patient and friend in the back and husband in the passenger seat. We were off!

“Have you called the emergency room?”, I asked.


“Call them and let them know what is going on so they can prep.” As the husband gets on the phone I ask the friend and patient how they are doing and we all respond affirmatively. All good so far!

I call 911 and verify that we are going to the closest ER and still we are rocking and rolling.

You may be asking about my driving during this time – yes I was going faster than normal, however I was not emotional or panicking at the time so was not reckless. Also I was not being unsafe, running lights and ignoring signs, if we get into a wreck or something happens there is a fair chance she would not make it to the hospital.

At this point it’s just my job to drive the vehicle and ensure everyone is safe. I do overhear the husband and wife both giving emergency medical instructions, one over the phone and the other to the friend. Both of them stressing repeatedly that if it’s not correct she will die, in very certain terms.

After he has gotten off the phone, I ask if they have all these instructions written down and again there is an affirmative answer. We pull around the block to the emergency entrance, get them out of the car and ensure everyone is fine. The patient has deteriorated slightly and needs a bit more assistance from her friend but they make it to the ER and a wheelchair.

The rest of the evening and morning I didn’t know how anything had turned out and I obviously can’t go and ask. (It would be a huge HIPPA violation and not to mention invasion of privacy) That said later that afternoon I did recieve a substantial tip via the rideshare app so I’m going to believe they are doing ok.

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